Obey the Testing Goat NodeJS edition!

This is a todo app! There are many like it, but this one was written from nothing following as best I was able TDD design processes. Built entirely using Javascript technologies, it also provides a great practical example of how a variety of modern NodeJS tools work together to build a modern app.

In this walkthrough, I'll be pulling out interesting changes from the git logs of the tdd-angular project. The entire code is on github. Each commit with an interesting change has a short hash, commit message, and some of the diff.

Quick Roadmap

We'll be starting with the first bootstrap - going from an empty folder to a "hello world". In this app, it will be an HTML page. Along the way, we'll put in place the core of our functional testing suite, which will drive our high-level application needs, and some tools for testing the underlying server.

With a base server in place, we'll start working on building out the initial application logic. The client will use AngularJS, and will give us a good chance to exercise Selnium Webdriver JS Bindings.

After getting a tiny application, we'll iterate quickly on adding styling and some basic features to get to a minimum viable product (MVP) that saves, adds, and removes todos.

With the MVP, we can set up continuous integration and deployment. Then, it's off to the races!

Project layout and first tests